Snapchat is the social media of the millenials generation, where 71% of its users are under 25. More than 100 millions of people use it, and more than 400 millions of Snaps are sent everyday.  For the companies, is an oportunity to show their content in a friendly ambient, but there are a lot more advantages.

In this plataform, it’s possible to chat and send pictures or videos that disapear after seen or can only be viewed for 24 hours. This function is what  differ the most from other social medias such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The instant character of Snapchat is what made it so popular between the generation that loves the viralization and quick content. In 2014, Snapchat was the app with the faster grown, increasing 57% of their size during the year. Right now, is one of the most succesful and popular social network, known for being spontaneous and random.

Reasons to use Snapchat

A company could take advantage of this charactistics to show aspects of their philosophy, culture and even how they work. Is an opportunity to show content in a way that integrates and make the brand a lot closer from their clients, increasing the trust.

Another great advantage is that the users are only going to open the content of a brand they’re truly interested in, so is a great way to measure how much of the clients is really interested, faithful and engaged with a certain brand. Besides that, is a plataform to know what its clients enjoy or not. This information can lead a brand, its products and its content to a certain direction or another.

8 ways to use Snapchat as a Brand

  1. Be in the Discover
  2. Is a place inside My Story for some brands to provide content about news, tendecies and innovation. It’s interesting because the brand become the font of information of a certain topic, since most of the users of Snapchat usually don’t watch the news of TV or read traditional newspaper.

  3. Create a great My Story
  4. Since My Story only lasts 24h, is a great way to create creative, personal and fresh content including urgency to what the brand wants to say. The message is always updated, with the possibility of effective Call To Action.

  5. Offer exclusive deals
  6. A brand can organize a contest, offer a cupon, exclusive prices or even gifts only for its follower on Snapchat. In this case, is easy to increase your number of followers and motivate people to see your content. Furthermore, the clients have the feeling of exclusivity that, sometimes, they can’t feel any other way with the brand. Amazon understood the essence of this plataform and is great at offering cupons and special deals through Snapchat.

  7. Launch new products
  8. The same idea of an event, a company can show first its new product or service on Snapchat, for their faithful clients. This is another option to increase the number of followers, since people will start following to be updated and know products and services of a certain brand before others. Snapchat allow the company to show funcionalities, how to use, differentials, etc in a fast way, motivating possible clients to go to the stores and know more about it.

  9. Show background and team
  10. An option to create a differential and detach from other brands is by adding a human aspect to the brand. In Snapchat, is possible to show behind the scenes, the workers, the process until the final product and other elements that usually are not shown. If the users sumpathize with the brand, is easier to be in their minds and to sell.

    An example is Wall Street Journal’s Snapchat presence, showing behind the scenes content, like they did during the 2016 election debates of USA. Another company that knows how to use this option of Snapchat is TacoBell.

  11. Live Events
  12. The users that are in the events selected by Snapchat or are interested on it are going to watch the whole Story about it. Either a brand can have their own event on Live Events and show exclusive content, or be in an event that makes sense with its image and message. Some examples of sucessful events on Snapchat are music festivals such as Lollapalooza, sports events like College Gameday and FIFA WorldCup, or Fashion Weeks.

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  13. Hire Influencers
  14. A smart way to get people to notice you is by hiring influencers to appear in My Story as a spokesmen of a brand. Great examples are Shaun Mc Bride  in Loot Crate  account and Cody Johns in Coke’s.

  15. Use Sponsored Lenses
  16. Snapchat has filters and overlay graphics available based on location for specific places, cities, etc. The brand can create their own graphic available for a certain location like W Hotels’ postcard filters and McDonalds’ raining fries filter.

Gatorade also took advantage of this function during Super Bowl, which was a great sucess. The filters were viewed more than 100 million times over the weekend of the event.

One last example is the lauch of Peanut Movie Sponsored Lenses using their own lens.


If a brand is on Snapchat, is interesting to shout about it. Turn the profile pictures of their social networks to the snapcode or spread it everywhere. Even products package can be  a way to gain new followers on Snapchat, as the recent selling of Zoella’s book.

Moreover, on Snapchat a brand can take risks, because the content doesn’t have to be as polished as in other medias. The interesting on this network is the spontaneos and sometimes funny videos and images.

A brand content must be always original and interesting, offering people a genuine reason to engage with them, like this sneak preview of Call of Duty in 2015.

Every social media has its own particularities that can suit a company or not. In this perspective, if a company has a young audience and is looking for more direct contact and engagement with its costumers, Snapchat is the place.

So, why not giving Snapchat a opportunity? 

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